Photoshoped custom black cats ideas. What do you think?

Mar 29, 2007
I was thinking about maybe doing some custom black cat 3's so I did a few quick photoshops. Let me know which ones you like or if you have any better ideas. I think I kind of like the first ones just simple and plain but nice.

the third one is based on this pic but not sure what is going on with the entire shoe becuase of the bad angle.
I like the first one on top, and where did you get the picture? Also that is what i have been wondering too, where you all get your photos from to PS them.
third ones are fire- if you paint the lace holes for the third ones it would be game over
and i am disappointed in you guys, everybody knows superman don't need no seatbelt
They are all strait fire IMO! All better than the blackcats.

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How are you going to paint the outsole?
DEF do the 3rd one... I think the patent leather gives it a nice touch with the nubuck.

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i like the 1st one, wait no go with the last one, no wait go to hell with it, i love em all, but i kno that's been consensus, so i'll have to go with the 1st ones
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I think the second shoe is pretty nice
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It look's like the ones on the pic are suede,and the ones the guy is wearing are :rofl:
3rd and 4th are best imo.

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