PIC REQUEST: true blue III w/ Nike Air on back


Oct 1, 2003
anybody got pics saved of og true blue 3? i dont know if a ds pair exists but a decent lookin pair
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Is that not the greatest jordan box ever?! They should start retroing the boxes, eff the bs
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ing to kick in full gear with sneakers.

I do remember that the pair that I have seen was in pristene condition no yellowing whatsoever besides it no beginning to form on the midsolek, but the back was in perfect condition.

I think that other dude Brian might have a pair too from the pics I seen of his stash on here.

But again props to both of you these sneakers are not easy to come by. Value it with your life :lol:

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i still resent the fact that the retroes did not come with red behind the tounge like the ogs. i mean, they did it on the black 3 that came out the same year
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ah man if i could find a pair in my size that would be great ive been searching forever and still cant find them when the day comes that i find them ill will be one happy man
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sole supreme has too much heat
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lol sound like juelz ps aim jdhillon23

I still think finding the white/cement or black/cement in good condition with box is a daunting task..

I have seen several true blues /fire red IIIs for sale, but rarely the other two colors...this is probally because the other two colors were vastly more popular...

btw, nothing really special with the sample IIIs, sole can vouch for me on this one..they really look made fakish...cement print is DEEP and the shape of the shoe looks funny....

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whoops, I thought Air Elijah was talking about an OG sample, (which I haven't ever seen). Retro-shmetro seen tons of those.

Ha! Funk, you don't like Sample Retro TB III's no more?. In one way or another you know you're thankful to them, you know what and why. The shape on them is fine, although the cement is really thickkkkkk, makes them look like some one outlined the elephant print with a sharpie.

Yeha the White/Cement and/or the Black/Cement's in good condition with box are sure a daunting task, a task which you gave up on,
. J/k Funkrod.
amazing shoe...but still og fire red takes the cake imo
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