pinoy computer heads.. need help..

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so i downloaded freestyle on my pc and now im trying to get it out of my pc and i cant even find the program on my remove program tray.. where can i find it and just delete out of my system? i deleted the folder but it said that it doesnt uninstall it.. so any help would be appriciated...
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hyphy... You can't just delete the program's folder.

There are those *.dll files being installed into Windows registry.

Now I can suggest you do two things:

If there was an uninstaller included (even if its not in the Add/Remove programs):

1. Try reinstalling the game.

***1.5 Somehow, it might detect that the gameis still installed. It may give you three choices to Modify, Remove or Custom

2. If 1.5 isn't available, just install it again IF you remember it having an uninstall command.

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Maybe try system restore? Roll it back on a prior date when you haven't installed that program on your pc..That could help.
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have you tried opening the "set program access and defaults" menu? there's an option there where you can remove programs. :smile: hope that helps.
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^ I believe so. I saw his "Adopt-a-Mod" post over at the General forums months back.

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