places in the bay to hem jeans?

Jun 21, 2004
i know there was a post awhile back on this, but where's a reliable place in the bay to hem jeans for a decent price? thanks!
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yeah, i made a thread on this a month or so ago. self edge seems to be the spot in SF for quality hems.
i haven't rolled by there yet...busy w/work, but, really, i ain't looking forward to parking down there either. spots are always jammed up like sardine city in the guerrero x valencia area.....folks can not drive worth chit over there either. maybe i'll just ship my jeans in. :lol:
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$12 original hem at Manuel's on Stevens Creek near Valley Fair.

Manuel's Custom Tailoring
3237 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117
any tips or advice when getting your jeans hemmed?

i've been to a couple places with mixed results. plus, i've only recently started getting my jeans hemmed.
Get original hem. Let the people at the shop measure it out, they usually know what looks best.
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