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Jul 14, 2007
From princejordan off of ISS
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"post">Hey everyone....just a quick one (it's so busy here), JB may release next year 2010 or early 2011 to release a Championship pack but in 3 pairs, first the AJ 6,7,8 as the first 3-peat then 11,12,13 (maybe 14 too)....BUT ALL CLEAR SOLES and in a HOME (Bulls colorway) with all his accomplisments so more like white/red/black...stay tuned, hey Marco...I'll get back to you later

Just a heads up these are all rumors obviously just possible ideas being thrown around
still just a rumor just like any other. thanks for the info, but i think we should worry bout this years rumors first...

def hope those packs do release though cause i'd drop rediculous amounts of money to cop twice on both
Packs and shoes of all Jordans achievements . . . getting really old really fast!
Its been clearly sited that JB plans 9 months ahead. Anything 2011 is pure rumor.

Now, 2010...this could be interesting. But I highly doubt it.
Originally Posted by Mac4167

thanks for the info but i rarely trust anything people have to say on ISS.

Just so you know I believe princejordan actually works for JB. Just a heads up these are all rumors obviously just possible ideas being thrownaround
either way... thanks for posting. people need to realize that the OG heads on here who used to feed us with the early info have all moved on...

any new info we can get, that is LEGIT, is very appreciated!

thanks masterhammy23
All the shoes will have Clear Soles?.....7s and 8s would look mighty hard with Clear Soles.....and 13s....but i couldnt see the 12s with clear soles....
just give us quality right now
can anyone PS pics of what it would look like?

sounds interesting though....
Would be nice....but like everyone else said, let's just worry about 2009 rumors first!
After this year, all title winning colorways will have released recently except for the Infrared 6's.

Raptor 7
Playoff 8
Bred 11
Black/White 12
Last Shots
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