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Pretty much, yeah. Scoop out like a finger nail sized amount, rub it in your hands to warm it up, rub it on your beard. Comb afterwards and you're good to go.


formerly toine2983
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I haven't shaved in almost 5 years.. literally the only people in my life who have known me clean shaven is my family.
Last time I was clean shaven was in 2015.

No one recognized me when I came to work. :lol:
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Facial hair makes me look older. I was looking at old pics on fb when I was skinnier and only rocked short stubble. I need to get back to that this summer and get some beard-hating chinese / japanese yambs.
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Argan oil or Jamaican Castor Oil?

Which one is best and what brand specifically?

Idk bout argan. However i used Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil. With the Jamaican, i saw no results. Coconut oil however had my beard looking thicker than usual in 2 days.

I guess it all depends on the person and their body.


formerly dzaster
Joined Mar 30, 2009
Argan oil or Jamaican Castor Oil?

Which one is best and what brand specifically?
Get the Sunny Isle extra dark from Amazon.

That being said, I made the transition to Scotch Porter beard products after searching for some black friendly products. Haven't regretted it, they make good stuff.
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