Post Your Brain Farts

Joined Jun 17, 2004
- Using room key to open house door, using house door to open room door. One time I took out my MetroCard to open my room door.

- Putting milk in the cuppard and the drink powder in the fridge.

- Taking off and running a red light because the NEXT LIGHT turned green.

- Getting your friend's name's confused.

- Playing MLB 09 and I start to think I'm pitching meanwhile I'm batting and I'm striking out.

I got more I'll write later.
Joined Oct 15, 2008
looking around for my cup of juice then realizing its in my hand
Joined Jan 23, 2005
- Leaving the house without my cellphone.

- Thinking im returning the ball instead of kicking in madden

- Putting cereal back in the fridge

- Taking the keys out of my car without putting it in park

- Bumping into every wall on the way to the shower when I first wake up (not so much a brain fart)

- Calling my boys that are in the car with me

- Going in the complete and obviously wrong direction of the destination when other people are in the car.

Im sure there are more....
Joined Sep 16, 2003
Turning my lamp on when I was trying to turn it off even though it wasnt on in the first place. That's when I know im high.
Joined Nov 8, 2007
Originally Posted by Hugo

looking around for my cup of juice then realizing its in my hand
Looking for keys to unlock your car while firmly grasping them in your left hand
Joined Oct 8, 2005
thers so many, but recently..

- put a roll of scotch tape in the fridge (dont ask)

- looked for my phone for like a whole minute, and then realized that it was in my hand the whole time

- watching a show on TV, and during the commercial break you totally forgot what you're watching
Joined Nov 11, 2007
house key instead of the gate key
lookin for my phone while its in my hand
lookin for the comb when its in my hair
tried to put my polo on over my hoodie.. i
myself for like 10 mins after i realized what was going on
putting the cereal box in the frig
putting my bowl of cereal in the frig and taking the milk back to my room..

i do stupid %$#$ like this all the time
Joined Sep 2, 2000
Probably once a week I email a CEO of a bank, "Please find the attached..." and don't actually attach anything. Then I have to send the followup,"It helps when I attached it.." and feel like a moron. You'd think I would learn but I don't.
Joined Apr 3, 2007
Using my school ID to gain access to computer lab when in fact it's the afternoon.


using my debit card to gain access to the lab at night
Joined May 14, 2008
the other day someone asked me for my social security number and i starting to give them my cell phone number. i got half way through it before i realized whati was doing.
Joined Apr 24, 2004
leaving my car in drive and turning it off

calling my friends that are in the same room as me

frantically looking for my ipod...try to recount my steps when i got home...look in my jacket pocket where i thought it was in the first place and it seemedto not be there...15 minutes later look again in the same jacket pocket and its there....

thinking the door is unlocked at work...push it and run into it

im sure there are more that i have done in the past couple of days, but i cant think of them...

that cereal in the fridge is pretty damn funny though
Joined Sep 17, 2008
got in the shower with socks on

cereal in the fridge

remote control in the freezer

threw wallet in the garbage

forgot car was in neutral hit the gas wondering why I wasn't moving

drove through a fire station light and school bus stop sign

threw clothes on the toilet walking past the bathroom, didn't realize toilet seat was up

woke up randomly at night and answered the door thinking I heard the doorbell ring (I used to sleepwalk as a child)
Joined Nov 8, 2007
Jiggaman414 wrote: [hr][/hr] - looked for my phone for like a whole minute, and then realized that it was in my hand the whole time

I was on the phone with my mom while she was giving me a number to call, I told her to hang on while I looked for my phone

Searched my pockets, couches, and car, then I look in my hand


Joined Aug 10, 2008
Originally Posted by iLL W1LLiam

I forgot what I was going to post.
i looked at the title, and i was like , ohh i'll post this...
clicked the link, then forgot....
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