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Joined Nov 8, 2015
When I bought my CTR, I said I would never lower it. So i bought 19 inch wheels with a fatter tire and kept it stock height.

Well, that changed after my brother and cousin lowered theirs and ran 18's.

So I just scooped some Takata Green TE37SL in 18x9.5 +38 and Swift springs to drop it about an inch.

Now, gotta decide on which tire to run to minimize or keep it from rubbing.


Pics when you put wheels on if you don't mind.
Joined Sep 10, 2011
Probably won't be until next month unless I sell my other bronze set. I mocked them up in the front of the car to get an idea of contrast. There's still a red spoke decal I have to put on one of the spokes and black lugs too.

man i have seen a set of takata te37s in soooo long
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