Post Your Fav System and Fav Game! VOL. I had SNES but wish I had a Genesis!

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Goldeneye was the type of game that you wish they had a remake for modern generation systems...think it'll ever happen?
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Originally Posted by Mateen Cleaves

original nintendo

fav game ever is tony hawk pro skater 2 for playstation
The soundtracks for the Tony hawk series was insaaaaaane!!!
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My fav system is PS1 by far, but my favorite game is Super Double Dragon on SNES. Its the first game I ever played and beat, and me and my cousin used toplay for hours when we were little. Its very nostalgic for me so thats why I like the game so much. You've probably never heard of it
, so here's a vid

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With the wiu it's kinda hard becausi have access to basically e rughig but tone fair I will go with the handheld stud
Metroid 2
Metroid fusion
Metroid zero mission
Mail kart
Sf alpha 3
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