Post your favorite Magazine and Newspaper profile pieces (Vol. No Cliffs allowed here)

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I love reading a good profile or investigation piece, and I thought it would be cool to have one thread detailing some of the best journalistic writing over the years. Of course a lot of these are pretty long, and so the word count can be in the thousands, so thanks in advance for not writing "cliff notes" or saying some slick @%%+ about how long it is. My hope for this thread will be that people tack on some of their favorites, and we can have kinda like a archive of just some good writing. But realistically there's a good chance this thread will burn and die. We'll see.  

From 1997, a fantastic profile from the New Yorker detailing his self destruction and the infamous ear biting incident.

THE conventions of the ring demand that a fighter in training become a monk. For months at a time, he hardens his body on roadwork and beefsteak, and practices an enforced loneliness-even (tradition has it) sexual loneliness-the better to focus the mind on war. Mike Tyson's monastery in the Nevada desert is a mansion next door to Wayne Newton's mansion, and it could be said to lack the usual austerity. There is a chandelier worthy of Cap d'Antibes. There is a painting on silk of Diana Ross. There are books, magazines, a big television, leather couches. But the diversions are not what they could be. When Tyson is not preparing for fights, he keeps lions and tigers around as pets and wrestles with them. "Sometimes I go swimming with the tiger," he told a visitor. "But, personally, I'm a lion man. Lions are very obedient, like dogs." Tyson was keeping his pets elsewhere, though. He has estates in Ohio, in Connecticut, and off a fairway on the Congressional Country Club, in Bethesda, Maryland. The big cats are most often in Ohio. The Nevada mansion is surrounded by life-size statues of warrior heroes whom Tyson has read about and come to revere: Genghis Khan, Toussaint-L'Ouverture, Alexander the Great, Hannibal. "Hannibal was very courageous,
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