Probably the dumbest politician ever VOL. wth did he just say

Joined Oct 10, 2006
he can't be serious. does he really think islands are just out there floating waiting to capsize if not balanced properly?
Joined Jun 28, 2004
There are some idiots in Congress, especially in the House. Most Senators are stuck up, ego maniacs and blowhards but they usually are smart people. The House is stocked with so many people whose lack of intelligence or intellectual curiously is made obvious in their dull eyes and a propensity to rattle off talking points that is embarrassing to all watching (they tend to be the ones who get the most media coverage like Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman, Michelle Bachman and John Boehner for instance).

Sarah Palin would have fit in best as the Congresswomen from Alaska where she and Michelle Bachman could have stare down contests with Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasser and and see whose eye shadow caked eyelids would flash across which pair of dull eye balls first.

I am not surprised that someone in Congress would think that Guam could capsize.
Joined Mar 2, 2010
I stopped watching after he couldn't calculate 12 (or 24 because he did contradict himself) x 7
%!%$%@# idiot.
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