PS'd am1(black/cement 3)

Oct 19, 2005
since they have j-pack dunks thought it was a good idea.
Those are bangin!!! I like the orange swoosh too... I'd cop in a heatbeat to rock at Giants games... Good work...
You say I'm not The "E"??? You wanna make a bet???
That is clean.. but for real about getting tired of the cement print. (don't get me wrong, i'd cop that quick too, haha)
Nice! but i think i would change the red nike air on the back to white but thats just my opinion
WANTED: Size 11-13 any condition!PM Me!
[] Red Supreme Blazer
[] Blk/neon Air Total Max Uptempo
[] Nike Foamposite pro Voltage
they look like dose atmos am1's jus wit a yellowed midsole and red swoosh, but dey still cleen
"Why ball in J's if all you're worried about is if they gonna get stepped on..."

~Th@ pn0y pr0d1gy
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