My Black Cement 3’s I purchased on eBay got stolen…

Sep 16, 2010
What’s up peeps,

So, I ordered a DS pair of 2018 black/cement 3’s off eBay. I had them on release day back in 2018, but I sold them. So I got a DS thinking all is well. So, today my pair arrived and I knew something was off. The box was extremely light. I knew off the break someone opened my package, but what made it worse was the box was in there and the shoes was gone…smh. I was so hot! It was shipped by USPS.

I filed a claim/report through them.

My question is, am I a pretty much SOL? Also, I’m trying to contact eBay in reference to getting a refund, but they make it so difficult to actually have me speak to a live representative.

Anyone actually been through this and can shed some light on how they handled this? I can’t front, that really ruined my day.
Damn fam.. sorry to hear that smh. For ebay, click the help tab and then try some of the prompts until you get to the online auto response bot and request a call. They will ask for your number so you can talk to someone asap. Ebay is tricky .. This is really a problem. :smh:
eBay will refund you. USPS max payout is $100 and they deny pretty much every claim forcing you to dispute it. I only use PayPal for eBay, and 99% of the time they will side with the buyer.
So, here is how I got them. I covered the label for obvious reasons


This is exactly how I got them, which I knew someone opened it based off the white tacky stickers….smh.


Here is the box


Literally came just like this!!!

I’m still passed yo!

Next time I order, I’m just going to elect to pick it up at the post office because that could be a way to hold them accountable in case this happens again…smh. I don’t wish this on my worse enemy.
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