puyallup fair

Jun 18, 2005
anybody go yet? is it still the same from the past years? i wanna go before class starts....
Team Friends With Benefits
go friday, call in!
....i went from bein a broke man, to bein a dope man, to bein a president, look there's hope man....​
The puyallup fair is actually pretty decent. I don't go on the rides really but I pig out like a MF. I haven't been for like 2 years so I'm looking foward to going.
I work about 3 minutes from the fairgrounds. So if anyone wants to meet up one day.....im flattered, but no.


Team Negrodamus
I Havent Been To The Fair In Years! I Think The Last Time I Went Was Like 1999...Maybe It Was 2000, But It Was A Long Time Ago.
The point of the fair is really the food now where can you get a deep fried twinkie?
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the word "puyallup" just sounds gross. the word "fair" implies gay colors and little germ-infested kids everywhere. i'm so on the verge of being a hypochondriac right now it's not even funny. physio-patho aspect of diseases that you learn about in higher level microbio classes can screw you up bad...not to mention med school :frown:

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. If it's good art people will stare. So what shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
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