Quality On VII's

Apr 9, 2007
Do they fit true to size? Are they comfortable? And do they crease easily?

Thanks in advance
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
They're about true to size IIRC, but they've made the VII in so many colorways, so many times that it may vary.

As for creasing... it's kind of the same thing. The Black/Red Retros and OG Bordeauxs don't crease too easily, but
apparently the Retro Cardinals and Retro Olympics do crease easily.

So... if you specify a particular colorway and if it's OG or Retro, a more exact answer may be easier to get.
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Ohhh ok yeah I was thinking about getting the Olympics, Pacific Blues, or the Raptors
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
Black/Red VII Retro is generally seen as good quality. Had no problems with mine.

Haven't owned the Retro Olympics... generally seen as fairly poor IIRC, "Papery leather" term was used IIRC.

Pacific Blues: Haven't owned them, can't remember what comments were made on quality.
Air Jordan Retro: You can't go back.
Pacific VII's are cool, true to size, the shoe doesnt crease that much and quality is very good for a retro
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the quality is pretty good on the viis. the raptors and olypics are hard to crease. they fit kinda narrow, so i got a half size bigger in these.
my frenchie and cardinal 7s creased like hell after like 2-3 wears, raptors are doing aight.,true to size, yeah. comfy yeah.
I balled in my Olympics and they didn't crease as bad as the 06 Retros did. My Cardinal Retros creased a lot worser then my Olympics.
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