question for orlando folks

Dec 10, 2002
how is the weather there between the months of june-september? family is hoping to go to disney world sometime soon. thanks in advance
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Hot, humid, and sun showers most after noons.
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PLAN PLAN PLAN ahead of time before you go.

Remember that "Disney WOrld" is FOUR theme parks. If you are going for the first time, hit up Magic Kingdom.

Get there at the gates at 9am. Hit up all of the outdoor rides first from 9am - 1pm. Expect it to have a quick rain shower from 1-3pm. By 4 it should clear up. They will close all of the out door rides when it rains so that why you do them first.

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Hurricane season... :lol:

Don't take my word for it... I'm the one from outta town,

But hurricane season really was the first thing on my mind when I relocated here.

September 30, 2006:

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horrible, hands down the worst time of the mentioned before, rain, humidity, stickiness, and when you walk outside it sometimes feel like someone stuck a plastic bag on your face..very HUMID!
its terrible out here during that time...its 24/7 traffic and the theme parks you cant even enjoy cuz the lines are hours long for a 2 min. ride...and its that nasty dense humid around you...go in the winter when florida is the place to be (60 degrees no humidity and sunny)
if you can, go before july or after september
weather is a lot better then
otherwise be prepared to sweat
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