questions about shoe gallery...(miami)

Jul 15, 2005
wats good? well i wanted to know if shoe galery also stocked up on some gear like hundreds, stussy, 10 deep, and all these brands alike?? also i know its in downtown and know u need to pay for parking and would like to know how much.

they have all kinda of apperal. last time i was there i picked up orchird street, reason, and situation normal, and house 33.

i parked at some lot a block south of the store and paid like 5 bucks for an all day pass
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no need to park in a lot for 5 bucks you can try the meter parking for 1.25 each hour and you can use a debit card to pay for the parking meter...and they have a ton of stuff...I browse for up to an hour before I pick anything wont be dissapointed...peace
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shoe gallery :thumbs up:

if you park in a parking meter, make sure to take some change or a debit card. Don't try to act like a smart @#%$. They will catch you and slap a ticket on there. Trust me 18 dollar ticket ain't worth it. Not to mention the clerk office is a couple of blocks away and they tax on parking around there. 3 bucks for like 15 mins, right across the street from it.
went today picked up some lemar and dauley tees if youre looking for the hundreds and ten deep try arrive on the beach on 16 and collins
man i need to get to miami for my 21st or something....ive always been wanting to get down there
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what are their store hours? Imma head out there next weekend
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checked out the store this past thur. it was pretty nice...had some good stuff over there. arrive has nice stuff too, but the selection is much smaller over there.
i can't remember anymore, but they had some urban brands (ie upper playground, stussy, bbc, etc) shirts, all kinds of diff colorway fitteds, and kicks. the day i was there, they released the AM rejuvenation pack. they also carried sb's too. my fave part of the store are some of the kicks hanging off the walls (rep shoes hangin off pwr lines)...had st pat's, inv wmn, union 180, mardi gras af1, adidas jmj (that was my fav out off all of them) and some ice creams.
yo quick question do they have the original ice creams or the new whack looking board flips if so how much
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does shoe gallery or arrive carry af1's up to size 15




pm or email me at

board flips are basura.... cop em at footlocker, they have plenty
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