Quick question regarding traffic stops

Joined Jan 4, 2009
I was just pulled over today for failure to use signal while turning(it was more of a bear than a turn, thats for another post though)

Anyway, four dudes jumped out of a unmarked crown vic dressed in hoodies that said Gang Resistance Unit. I had 3 passengers in the car and each of them went to one window. One of them took my license and registration and went back to the car, while the one was making convo with me and my passengers. He was mad cool asked me where I go to school, my major, etc. Since he pulled us over in a neighborhood around a park and there were like 30 kids posted up around the block, he was like "You want some street cred? I'll pretend to arrest you
" and Im like "naw 
." I get my license and registration back and dude just goes like "you're all set"

This won't go on my record right?  They didn't hand me a paper or anything..

They were probably just looking for someone or just trying to catch some drugs and probably have pulled over 20 people in the past hour and just let them go. Anyone had this happen to them?
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