Quickstrike Free-Rod 2's

Joined Jan 22, 2006
oh yea I forgot to mention that I picked up my pair in atlanta these were definitely under the radar at least down south I was the only 1 at the store to get them and the manager said that for dooms there was at least 15 ppl.... oh and the store was the only store to get them in the state of georgia... I guess that tells you something..

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Joined Sep 10, 2002
i know places who got j-rod 1 and didnt even get these....makes no god damn sense

are these totally done being distributed?
Joined Apr 4, 2004
i wanted a pair probably too expensive. size 12/13
Team DC/MD/VA​
Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
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you got ds size 13 foot patrol air stabs? get at me​
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