R.I.P. Fernando Acosta a.k.a. BEEZYLOCKS Let's All Send A Card To His Family

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If you haven't checked out the original thread regarding @beezylocks, check it out for more info http://niketalk.com/t/526726/update-3-home-now-looking-like-that-time-where-i-leave-this-earth

Here is the link to the family guestbook http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/di...ando-Acosta&lc=2473&pid=165564678&mid=5583687

We lost an NTer Fernando Acosta aka @beezylocks  to cancer this year. He's made an impact in my life as well as other NTers with his fight and positivity. With the help from another NTer we were able to reach out to Fernando's family. His family gave us the ok to send send cards or gift to their address. If you are interested in paying your respects, PM me for the address. Please keep the address in the PM's and not on this thread. Don't want anyone doing anything stupid that aren't part of the NT family. A couple NTers also wanted to set up some sort of donation to the family. I'm working on that right now, but for now a card would be great.

Thanks guys,

P.S. A card just paying your respects can go a long way.
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Are you having people send them to your address, then sending them on from there? I would suggest that.

Awesome idea. Posting for later.
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Good stuff Steinbeck
, sent you a PM.

I know this is a busy time of the year for a lot of y'all, so I was thinking we can compile a list of NT'ers who want to have their name signed to a card and I'd be down to pick up the card, sign the names, and send it out since I'm on vacation right now.
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Are you having people send them to your address, then sending them on from there? I would suggest that.

Awesome idea. Posting for later.
Nah got the ok from the Acosta family to send it directly to their address. Just asking everyone that they keep the address in the PM's and not in this thread
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Shoutout to Stein for organizing this. 

Now the only thing left is the donations 
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Thank you for PMing me I will send something.

You should edit the first post and put in a link to his online guestbook so those who can't send something can still post in there.

Appreciate you doing this fam.
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Thx For havin the addy in the nbox before i even asked bruh.

Good stuff NT.
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I'm down for whatever group donation we do. RIP Breezylocks

Real Life....
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His threads and even his experience was sad and hard to read about but thru it made me more thankful and motivated when it comes to life. Overall it made me a better person. Thank you G

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