Raging Bull Pack

Joined Jun 13, 2008
Raging Bull V pack is up for preorder on OSNEAKER.com for $400......ships on June 1st.....just thought i would post and let you guys know
Joined Jun 13, 2008
i am in agreement with you guys i am passing on the pack as a whole just not feeling plus i am on a lebron buying frenzy as off late i just thought i wouldpost it as i saw how everyone was interested in it
Joined Feb 22, 2009
plus shipping and tax your paying around 100 over retail, you can probably get this package for retail
Joined Jan 27, 2008
Originally Posted by NJstress03

Originally Posted by Mac4167

thanks for the info but i think i'll take my chances on RD
yeah not sure why everyone is stressing on getting these...they are supposed to be similar to the cdp in availability from what i've seen posted...
Joined Dec 16, 2005
hmmmm, i do have that 20% off code they gave me during the purple foam fiasco, but I would be a fool to go through them again, but i might be a fool. j/k iwill not go through them ever again, and would not recommend them to anyone.
Joined Dec 31, 2008
oding with the prices their bunch of idiots they should just sell em 2 the retail price imo
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