Raw/Selvage Denim spots in Chicago?

There's so many other brands besides Nudies and APC.

Barneys New York. (Rush, right across from the Prada store)

Jake. (Rush st, right behind Barneys)

Barneys Co-Op. (Lincoln Park).....there's a mens store right to the left of the Co-Op, they have some denim in there as well.

Denim Lounge. (Directly across the street from Co-Op, next to Club Monaco)

Penelope. (Division street, past Ashland, going towards Clemente High School)
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Im a noob to the whole thing, could you recommend me any to start off with? I'm breaking in these GAP goughs right now....
either rock and republic or paper denim i like those the most out of all my premiums.
check out my ebay auctions seller name is qom01 good stuff 10.5-12
apc makes like a few cuts, all simple, all nice. runs at 140 TOPS. i like mine :smile:

Shipped w/ Paypal
AJV's Olives 8.5: 180

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you can find APC or Nudies at most of the spots above. PRPS make a really nice denim as well.

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