Oct 9, 2005
Not usually a reebok person, but these are catching my eye, since nothing RBK has put out since the original Q's anyone tried them out?
Boys - welcome to my first post. Glad to finally get a membership here.

I got the Q 3s a little while ago, I was on Eastbay, thinking I might want to throw down, and then noticed they weren't there. Later on in the day I checked out my Footlocker and not only did they have them, but they were marked at $40! For some reason, FL is selling brand new shoes before they were released for less than half of retail. It saved me from picking which color I wanted, though.


I was going to write a standard column here on the left, listing off "looks, cushioning, ankle supports, etc." to rate this shoe. That was before I played in these. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those rating wouldn't be high. I'm just saying that it would miss the point of these kicks.

These aren't the top of the line RBK models. They're not meant to compete with the Jordan $198,876.99 price point (Or whatever they sell the J line for). Is is still genuine leather, (the gray/blue is suede, the white/baby blue is patent), but the details aren't as nice as the LRJ line or the Iverson sigs: The cutaway on the ankle, for instance, is actually just a big space with no leather, and a plastic open weave type honey comb pattern in the triangle. This is no way detracts from the performance, but it's not the sort of collector's item you'd keep on ice for a few years. With that in mind, lemme get to the performance, because you'll like the looks on your own. Check Eastbay if you want those details (. I balled in these 5 times, about an hour and a half each time. These are my results...

6' 2"
2/3/whatever the size matchup is/slasher-type

The cushioning here is Hexalite, in an homage to the OG in both appearance and effect. I remember the first time I wore the Qs I bounced up and down off the balls of my feet, enjoying the feedback from the Hexalite. When the retros dropped recently, I was disappointed to feel the bottoms of the shoe were just like the retro Answer IV - no tech, no bounce, no ball. These are different. The visible forefront and heel Hexalite is bouncy and provides great feedback. It's a sort of cross between the cush of nike max air and zoom air, a little lower than the latter but comfier than the former. Since I ran the OG Qs into the ground, I might be biased, but my feet were happy the whoooole time I wrote these. The sockliner is a standard issue, no performance inserts, but it's not low end and I didn't replace it or feel the need to (incidentally the footbed graphics is just "Iverson" in a script font). The inside of the shoe continues the trend of simple, effective shoe making. The collar and interior material are made of what feels like jersey-soft cotton, and while it doesn't wick like a sphere-dri booty, my feet were never bogged down in sweat (and my feet usually sweat a lot). Ventilation is via the cutaway in the ankle mentioned above, and the tongue is perforated to help, as well as the Q strap that fits above the tongue. The tongue itself is very similar to the OG, it's an open honeycombed mesh overlaid on top, the bottom side (against your foot) changing to the soft jersey-cotton feel. Lacing is quick lace style below, with a 3 holed ankle height cutout serving to give you more personalized fits. The strap can be worn tight or loose, and while I have wide-@#%$ feet (one reason I like the Iverson line, they fit wide feet very well and true to size) the strap helped to tighten the shoe up if I wanted a better fit. Lock down was good, but it took a session or two and a trial-and-error period with the lacing system to figure out my exact fit. Ankle support was nice, I had no trouble rolling or feeling my ankle start to move. The shoes are a true mid, over the ankle bone, but the heel is cutaway to avoid chafing. In actuality, I wore no-shows with these the whole time (something I never do when I ball) because the liner is so soft and comfortable I knew it wouldn't hurt my legs.

Bottom line here is that I recommend these kicks highly, for a few reasons and for a different group of people. I'd say these are like a good pair of sweat pants. We all got a pair of those gray or whatever pair that we wear all the time to go jogging or workout or chill out in. Sure, you can get the UA tech-wicking thermal gear, or the Nike Sphere collection, but sometimes you just feel more comfortable rocking the cotton sweats. That's what these shoes are. They're unpretentious, they're simple, they're effective, and they're comfortable. If I'm balling in a league game or anything with a uni (or I put money on the game) on, I would probably not wear these. I'd rock my AZK 1 or something to that effect. But if I wanna go ball in the park with my friends, or shoot around and run a few games, these will definitely be my shoes.
You're telling me it doesn't make sense!

Footlocker in Westfield Shopping Centre, San Francisco, California

Marked down to $39.99 first day they had them in stock. The clueless girl checking them out said "I guess they're on sale for the basketball season 'cause we get new stuff," and I didn't point out that the opposite was the case. I actually went back to the store the other day just browsing and noticed they still have them on sale, but for $59.99. It's still pretty @#%$ stupid, though... maybe they'll hook up the Answer XI when it comes out!
^^ wow thats a nice deal!! thanks for the details. haha good thing you got in on the low price before they marked them up. I agree, i find it weird that they marked it DOWN "because" its bball season, if anything you would think they would leave it at retail. OR maybe footlocker is really really doing bad since they have been having all these sales etc. but to sell a sig shoe at 40 bucks is pretty desperate imo if that truly is the case, which i doubt.
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