Real talk, why do marijuana threads get locked? it's "kind of" legal...

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Mods, an honest question...

With the acceptance of marijuana in society becoming a more liberal topic and even legal on some state levels, why are all mj threads locked?

I understand it's not entirely legal, and if that's the reason then ok, so be it. But most of the time when threads are mj related, we are just generally discussing it without harmful intent, i don't see why it's such a problem.

In the last thread, i even noticed a few people mentioning carrying medical cards.

If our own president can admit to smoking weed publicly, i don't get why we can't talk about it either.

We talk about plenty of other illegal issues on the board, so i'm just curious as to why mj is such a forbidden topic. It's not like we're promoting meth or other drug usage here...

I'm sure this thread will get locked, but i really just want an answer.

Sorry in advance.

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discussion threads, eg those that question legality, use, etc = stay open
threads full of
= locked
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but why? lol.

threads that regard "use" don't get locked... but threads full of "
" do? don't threads full of "
" imply use ?
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Actually thought there was some good stuff going on in the thread from yesterday. Agree with the OP. It's not like we are organizing some illegal events or anything. Just talking about stuff and people could all be lying for all we know...
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I've never seen a marijuana thread stay open. Some have been kept pretty civil for the most part, too.
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Originally Posted by J23S

Originally Posted by DJ bana

 why are all mj threads locked?

Not all of them, there was a big thread when he died that went 200+ pages
Either you're tryna be funny or you misunderstood what shes talking about?..
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personally...i can understand why, all the stupid stoners of the board talkin about what they mixed with cheese when they were high or how their memory sucks since they started puffing perpetuating all the negative stereotypes and connotations, gives us responsible smokers of the board a bad look
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Originally Posted by Dirtylicious

and Canada, and Amsterdam, and England etc etc...
 It isn't illegal in Amsterdam you are allowed to smoke just not out in public. It has to be in a shop or at your home and you are allowed to have small amounts on you as well.

Anyway they aren't allowed cuz mods think they know whats best for everyone..

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Originally Posted by Dirtylicious

discussion threads, eg those that question legality, use, etc = stay open
threads full of
= locked
This is not true. Any thread created on use will get locked on site. I've actually seen Meth say we can't have threads on use. I'm talking about discussing different/preferred methods of use, frequency, preferred strains, etc.
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