Recommend me a good shoe

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Hey guys, I want to play a little more at my school's intramural league. I am 5-8 or 9 and weight about 150 lbs. I have pretty low body fat, but my chest and shoulders are pretty strong. I play small forward usually, because I am a good slasher but not a great passer. My main offense moves require quick feet movement. My arsenal includes mid range jump shot, and left/right running hooks. I usually utilize my feet for a dream shake fake so I tend to pivot alot.What shoe should I go for? I don't know if I should be wearing the lightest like kobes and adidas, or have some support on the foot like lebrons etc. 
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most people complain about them being heavier, but im a quick guy and they really help me, plus give great ankle support
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If your lookin for something cheap, id recommend the Lebron 20-5-5's , the cushion is top of the line for a cheaper price and its not too heavy.

If not , then I suggest Jordan 14's . Great shoes with tons of traction/comfort and also lightweight
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i like all the replies except for sketchers bs. sharkleys and old lebrons sound like they could work, or if i can find a good pair of XIV's I will try em out.
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maybe a hyperfuse hi? lightweight with good ankle support, since you'll be slashing a lot.
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Hyperdunks. Don't use kobes or Adizeros cause you'll hurt yourself. Your on the heavier side. I'm 5'11 and i weigh 154, mostly muscle
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get you a pair of the concords on the 23rd... look good, feel good....feel good, play good
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wade 2's. great cushioning. traction is nice. ankle stability is great in this shoe.
Also they are a lower profile than the hyperdunks so it'll be easier to slash in them and you'll be more responsive
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