Recommend me a walking shoe

Dec 22, 2006
I want an awesome walking shoe with great cushioning if that's possible. I was thinking of asics but since I know nothing about walking shoes , I would appreciate it if I had your opinions! All brands are welcome!
Thank you!
I just mentioned this in another thread, but I walk at least 3 miles a day, sometimes as much as 10, and I've searched long and hard for the most comfortable shoe. The best that I found was the New Balance 992. I was also impressed with the Asics Gel Kinsei, but I needed black shoes for work, and they only come in weird colors, like silver.

Others that were runners-up for me, certainly worth looking into, are the Nike Air Pegasus and the Air Max 360. The only problem I had with the 360 was that it was too narrow for my feet.
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