Recommendations for a good running shoe?

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I originally posted this in Sneaker Reviews, but havent gotten any responses yet. I dont think much ppl go there anyway, i know i dont
so ill tryhere..

sups, i been getting into jogging/running a lot n getting into better shape. I've been using the Military blue 4s..retro (
yea i know). But i wanna goout n buy some good lightweight sneakers with comfort, and just something to throw on my feet if i wanna go down the block or for a drive.
My gf keeps sayin gets some shox, but shes obsessed with shox so thats kind of a biased recommendation lol, and theres so many different types of shox so idk.But yea recommend me some sneakers NT..thanx
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nike vomero. i have ran 3 marathons and 2 half iron tris and they are the best i have found so far. just got the am 09, but haven't ran in them yet.
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Running in BB shoes and sneakers? Er, no.

Nearest thing would be the Max 2009.

Check the Soprts Training forum for some realistic options as this doesn't belong in retro.
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Another one of these threads...

Anyone who wants to be a runner, serious or not, should get their feet checked for pronation and arch at Fleet Feet, any kind of runner store (NOT a FOOTLOCKEROR FINISHLINE). They will let you test run these shoes, and if you don't like them that much, you can switch them pretty easily most of the time. Runningstore employees also are more kind and are supposed to help you, not just sell a shoe. They're also runners themselves which means they know whatthey're talking about. They will see your gait and analyze (sometimes by video camera) how your foot works biomechanically. Then they will give youmultiple shoes to try on and let you decide which is most comfortable. It also helps if you have previous running shoes to test for tread patterns, but youcan't really see anything on a sole of an Air Jordan IV, so if you ever had any running shoes, the tread pattern will show a "strike" pattern ofwhere your foot has landed everytime you ran and wore down the sole.

Now if you're too cool for running stores, then you can do the infamous "paper bag" test. Get your foot wet, and put it on a brown paper bag. Itwill tell you if you are a supinator, neutral footed, or pronator.

Don't come into a store with any brands in mind. That ruins everything. I know, because it made me go back to a store four times in one week to get theright shoe.

I'm not going to suggest a shoe for you if you don't know exactly what kind of gait you have, and all shoe types are REALLY different. Neutral shoesfor underpronators as well will have more soft cushioning for underpronators because they have pretty much no shock resistance, and overpronators will oftenhave a firm shoe (Motion Control) to prevent the foot from excessively turning in. That being said, I can't vouch for Air Max 2009s because honestly, theyare more designed to look cool, rather than function efficiently, and only a select few people could ever run in the shoe with the best results for them.

That being said, I need new running shoes... I'm not a stability shoe anymore.
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^wow good lookin out man, didnt know all that came into account when lookin for a running shoe. But ima try that paper bag thing when i get home. and thanx forthe help from the others also
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Originally Posted by Paycheck26

^wow good lookin out man, didnt know all that came into account when lookin for a running shoe. But ima try that paper bag thing when i get home. and thanx for the help from the others also
It's actually not all that confusing. There's a lot more mumbo jumbo to it, but it's all about preference, pronation, and arch thatmake a shoe good for running.

If you do have the time to get to a running store, I suggest you do. They don't charge you for fitting you for a shoe.
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^homie is serious about his running. Much respect, I'm definitely gonna keep that in mind when i buy another pair of sneakers. Not sure I can be much helpto you, but I work in the hospital and do a lot of walking, New Balances are what I use. Light and comfy for sure.


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the vomero are really good, but also look at the pegasus. Also try looking at other brands such as asics and brooks.
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pegasus are one of my favs, theyre light but wear out fast (the model that only comes in orange)

howver you should go into runners depot or running wild and let them steer you, ur own opinion can only screw it up
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nike vomero are overall the best imo and the lunar trainers are great if you want light weight
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I'm a huge fan of the Zoom Victory. They have been in outlets lately for $30-$70 depending on the colorway.
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IMO any air max 90's would do the work. it;s light and very comfortable. I wear air max 90s when i walk, and run. can't go wrong with it.

also, air trainers free are a good option too.
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try the nike free 5.0 V3's. those are very lightweight

i havent ran in mine yet but i will in the coming week

from what nike advertises and some reviews i read before i purchased, the Free's strengthen your foot over use (one of the boxes i saw at FNL saidsomething like Warning continual usage may improve foot strength)

if you are just starting out, then try the free's out it: might be a good choice for you
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Originally Posted by workingclasskicks

good info here. i usually dont use nikes for running.
It's funny how many people wear nikes for JUST fashion. they are known for their great performance gears too. hah

I have a pair of nike free 7.0 and been wearing them for 3 years.
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i don't have a pair, but based on all the praise i've heard, i'd have to assume that the am 2009 would be the one.
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Shox Experience + series. They offer better cushioning, imo. I've never had any pain problems wearing these.
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Man, that guy is goin so hard with the running. I dont know if your goin for the olympics or what i was just gonna say the Air Max 09's are a great shoe, irun in mine everyday.
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I'm glad you guys didn't take my advice on getting fitted for proper running shoes. Really trying to outcast me here?

Getting a right shoe can help prevent gettting foot injuries. I've gotten PF and Morton's Neuroma in the foot from running in old shoes. Honestly,paying $100 on a shoe that is built for your foot is better than sticking with $150 dollar shoes (Shox Experiences) to $160 (AM 2009's) that are reallyjust built based by looks and design. I don't know why you guys don't like to go out of the brand. Nike makes decent running shoes via the Bowermanline, but I don't consider Shox, Air Max (Unless it is the Moto +) good running shoes.

Look in any DECENT running store, and you wouldn't see Air Max 90s, 2009s, and Shox Experiences. They know they wouldn't sell. Air Max 90's arestiff as a board, there is ZERO give in the shoe. The shoe was designed in the 90's, you think it performs better than an user-tested, performance-testedshoe? Thought so.

Some of you feel like you got to be marathon runners or track stars to need good running shoes. You don't, I'm just trying to help you by letting youknow, that you can be saving a LOT more money for a decent running shoe. Spending more than $130 on running shoes is ridiculous (Vomeros and Kayanos are adifferent story), unless you're buying two pairs. But I guess running in cool shoes is more important to NT than saving money.

I'll be waiting for your threads. I bet someone is going to post "RECESSION FTL vol: NO MONEY".
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asics gel kayano 15. i asked this q like 6 months ago and asics was the brand most ppl suggested. the kayano series is for neutral arch ppl. also check thewebsite: they can help you pick shoes according to your arch/gait/price range/amount of tech you want in the shoes. like one of the aboveposters said, look to other brands outside of nike for running.

although i own vomeros.

they are super cushy. probably too much so, i wish they were more supportive. but moving around in them does truly make it seem like you are walking onpillows.
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