Reebok Pump Restoration

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Wanted these things a long long time ago. Grabbed this OG used pair (usually never do used pairs, but damn it's the Pumps). So I'm thinking about trying a restoration and not really worried about them, but have a few questions for anyone in the know.

1) What's the best way to clean/disinfect? Can I throw em in a bag in the washer?

2) The sole seems pretty secure but it's coming apart at the toe. Do I need to take the sole completely off, or should I just cement the separated part?

3) Considering a repaint on the colors....may stay yellow/blue/white, but also like the idea of orange/blue/white. I'm planning on using Angelus products. Would their orange acrylic stick to the flexible rubber pump on the tongue? How about the sock liner mesh (with a fabric additive?)?.

4) Is ironing creases an option here? Would it be a good idea to do the wet towel/iron technique on these or leave it?

5) Should I clean the insoles, or just replace them?

I'm not expecting perfection here, but it seems fun to give restoring these a go. I'm pretty good with craft type things, but have never tried a shoe resto, so just looking for any feedback. Thanks!
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No pics yet but went ahead and threw em in the wash cold. Better but will still need some cleaning, mostly in the mesh sections which may end up seeing some bleach. Stuffed em with paper towels and attempted to iron out the creases over a damp rag. Again, somewhat better but I doubt the creased will come out completely. Currently air drying...
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Been working on these so gonna share some progress...

Washed/disinfected several times, probably cleaner than new. Insoles were trash so replaced with new ones.

Addressed sole separation with E6000, seems good, time will tell. Otherwise soles are in great shape. Used cream developer to whiten midsole rather than painting. I'm gonna give it one more pass but very happy with result so far.

Used Angelus products all around...cleaner, leather prep, flat white on most of shoe. Used 2-soft on edges of leather and thread areas. There will be a small amount of navy touchup, and also added a bit of orange for increased visibility of shape and 90s feel.

Used 2-hard with orange for plastic parts. The consistency was a bit streaky, so after a few layers I lightly sanded and switched to straight orange which went on smoother. Takes lots of thin coats.

Mild bleach mixture on tongue and mesh, but overall the Angelus cleaner did a good job following all the washing.

Been considering painting the pump basketball orange, but worried about that cracking and it's pretty clean so I think I'm gonna leave it as is.

Overall pretty happy so far. Some creasing still but is what it is and shoes are naturally tumbled anyways in most parts. For a 30 year old shoe I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Still working on some touchups and need to seal with finisher. Have matte finisher and planning to add a bit of duller to keep things fairly flat.
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Jesus Christ. They look alot more modern with the flat laces and the orange loops. That alone took it to the next level.
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Nice one, i just use soapy toothbrush to clean mine. Im quite scared of using bleach
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