Release of the year???


Joined Apr 5, 2010
Banned 1's and it's not even close. That release was so fun, and it's pretty rare that you have fun with a release now-a-days. And the thread pretty much epitomized what this website is about and that's people helping eachother. Hands down, one the best releases I've been apart of. And not to mention, JB finally gave us what we wanted with that release, a quality retro and the oh so important "Nike Air".
Joined Mar 3, 2008
Banned was a great release but if you wanna talk about hype...the concords have my vote. Just check how many pages the topic has and we still have 4 months to go. I've seen so many people jump on that thread with new accounts but its cool cause im loving the new comers showing some love for the shoe. So I'll go with concords with banned coming in a close second.
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Going strictly by hype, Concords have the most of it, and it's really not even close. 230+ page thread already, and the official release is still 4 months away.
Joined Feb 9, 2008
Banned 1s, one of the craziest releases ever! I actually traveled to another state to get my pair, that's a first. I probably should've just quoted ohdannyboy. He summed the Banned 1 release up pretty well. The Concord 11 release will be crazy but there will be plenty to go around. Most of us probably want even leave the house for the release. And the Concord 11 is a classic, it doesn't need hype for the release. Everybody and their grandma will be in line for them when they drop. I guarantee most that line up of for them didn't do it because of hype. It's Christmas time and a Air Jordan 11 is dropping, nuff said.
Joined Dec 22, 2010
Don't know about hype, but alot of people are kicking themselves for sleeping on the Bordeaux VII's. Quality was excellent and good to see an OG CW drop after so many years.
Joined Sep 19, 2007
And the best part is... if the rays werent limited they would have sat on shelves.. White and clover colorway. smh
Joined May 4, 2011
Not even a question for me. Bordeaux VII retro was 19 years in the making. I mean really, who remembers the constant rumors of their release, year after year, only to be repeatedly disappointed? I must admit that there is alot of excitement around the Concord XI release.
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so much to choose from but...
Id have to go with Bordeaux since its the FIRST retro since OGs released... concords, true blues, blk/red aj1s, and both cement 3s have all been retroed or re-retroed before
Joined Apr 1, 2003
I stopped buying retros a few years back, but this year they are releasing all the shoes I loved.  Its a tough choice, but got to go with the concord xi.  I am already trying to find an in to get those shoes and they don't come out until Christmas.
Joined Mar 29, 2010
Bordeaux VII's hands down
Concords take the cake for "most hyped" (obvious because its an XI smh)
Joined Jul 23, 2011
Banned 1s release was ILL
but hype wise, it goes to concords first, and then true blues next haha. people that didnt even like jordans were talking bout the true blues cuz everybody else was... not even cool haa
Joined Dec 14, 2006
concords are the most anticipated, but banned 1s seemed to have less hype imo yet were one of most involved pairs to cop......

in terms of hype
concords >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. banned 1s

but actual shoe wise, imo:
banned 1s>>>>>>>>>>>>> concords (I'd rather have the ogs or first retros)
Joined Mar 3, 2004
Concords have the most hype and I'll be out there this christmas, but its the bordeauxs for me. First time ever retroed.
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