Reminder: Hoaxes (e.g. posting fake release links/info) are against our rules and will result in ba

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    From NikeTalk's Rules of Conduct:
    Anyone out there who still thinks it's funny to post fake links or product release information, please take note:  

    You are not entitled to a warning for this offense.  You will be immediately banned from any topic(s) in which you attempt to post a hoax or misleading information, even if it's your first time doing so.  Flagrant or repeat violators will be permanently banned from the entire NikeTalk community.  

    Assisting another user in this (quoting them and saying "GO GO GO" or "copped", for example), will face the exact same penalties.  

    If you come across any attempted hoaxes, please use the report button to bring them to the staff's attention so that we can remove them - and the users responsible - from the community.  
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.