Apr 8, 2002
This is the latest shoe I was working on, the next in line for Melo. It lacks some personal details, but what I wanted to do was create a shoe from what I have been told Melo likes in the past. A very clean shoe, with ankle support. Assuming the Air Jordan signature series stops, I put more technology in this shoe. With max air in the heel, and the IPS in the forefoot. I knew on the M3 it concentrated on the forefoot, so I put a visible window there so you could see the IPS, and on the sole the IPS is partially visible and partially covered. Now with the ankle I have a mored advanced system like the XVI low. When playing the ankle is up and closed by a small button. The material will be the same as an

ankle sleeve. Now if the player wants less ankle support, or wants to wear the shoe on the street, the ankle can be folded down, and then re-fastened. Also you see rows at the forefoot, and on the inner of the ankle sleeve( when folded down) which is supposed to tie in with melo's "rows" as in his hair. The forefoot rows also help the shoe flex. ...





Definition for ARFF- A blocked shot or rejection.
Arffinater- One who arffs a lot.
Looks real good. Like them better then any of the ones that have come out. Has a jordan 13 look to em that I like.
Like I said before, GREAT job Arrf. I do think the outsole is a little misshaped, and I wish you incorporated the details (perfs, Melo logo) into the final rendering. But I realize that's hard to do in photoshop.
hey yo they are SICKKKKKKKKKK... i would buy like 4 pairs of em.. they really look great and i like how ankle strap folds down..
watch this one sell out like an air jordan shoe - the game
Not bad arff. Def one of your best stuff. I agree about the outsole, definitely try to shape it up a bit. Keep up the good work.
Yeah the putsole doesnt seem right. Other then that great job bro! ONe thing you couldve incorporated is a sketch or two while the ankle coller defolds or is turned into a low cut.
RIP Mike Szabo aka my Godfather.
Thanks for the comments..Ya it seems like outsoles have really been my prob\lem...On this I even traced an exsisting outsole...but I guess it still came out wrong? hah...
Anyways thanks again...
Definition for ARFF- A blocked shot or rejection.
Arffinater- One who arffs a lot.
They loook pretty sick.
References : BNyC23 & kingcrux31
im really fellin those....i wish jb could come up with something that i like as soon as i see it and dont have to wait for it to grow on me
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Those are reallllly nice.

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Thanks for the comments...I will try and get a few more designs up before I head back to school...
Definition for ARFF- A blocked shot or rejection.
Arffinater- One who arffs a lot.
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