**Rendering: Nike Zoomposite LF-A**

Jul 8, 2005
Something I've been working on for a while now. The shoe's inspired by the Lexus LF-A, and is designed for fast guards and forwards. Here are some of the features:
-Foamposite support structure provides support in the heel, ankle, and forefoot.
-Translucent TPU heel counter for extra stability.
-Variable ankle lacing system for adjustable ankle support.
-Inner elastic band locks a key lateral support area in.
-Once piece leather upper protects against stretching.
-Asymmetrical nubuck toe piece protects the toe from outside hazards.
-Screen mesh vents and perforations for ventilation.
-Caged zoom air unit in the heel and zoom air units in the forefoot for cushioning.
-Medial TPU shank for arch stability.





All Feedback is welcome!
Wow that has come quite a long way. I really like the model you made. What shoe did you use under it, I'm curious? Anyway, I really like your work your sketches are great and well thought-out. One concern I have is that the shoe is pretty high-cut. Being a guard, I like more mid-cut shoes in general. That's just me though. Your shading is exceptional and how much did you use PS? great work man
Thanks man! I used half a pair of beat are maestro retros for the model.

I didn't use PS at all.......I used paint.net to organize all the sketches/renderings, but all the renderings and sketches are done by hand.

I agree about the cut...I guess that sort of slipped my mind. Thanks for the crit.
dude i remember when you first started postin your stuff here...Ive got to say youve come such a long way. Your renderings are more polished, and realistic looking. MAD props my man, for real. and although that shoe is made of tape, id still rock it haha

keep it up my man, i cant wait to see more.
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nice well thought out rendering.
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Hey thanks guys!

Dollaman: Yeah I guess I have come a long way, but I've had a lot of help. BTW , I would rock the tape up but it's too small.....lol.
I like what you did, that is very creative.
Keep it up!
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I'm curious to know your art background. How did you learn to sketch these concepts? I do have a suggestion for you; use more draw-through and don't be afraid to go over crazy with your line work as long as you clean up the edges. Nice work.
I totally agree about the linework, more crazy and free lines would take away the stiff look. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm curious to know your art background. How did you learn to sketch these concepts?

Don't really have an art background....I'm stil in junior high so all I know about sketching/drawing is mostly from online.
Yo after looking at these again, the one thing i could suggest is making both the medial and lateral views longer. I have the same problem where i tend to "bunch" my shoe together...and I dont even notice till its too late. So just throw it on PS or something to make it longer and I think youll be gravy
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Nice work my man! Those look nicer now that you have elongated them a bit...nice and sleek. Keep em coming!

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that's nice work, man! You've definately been putting in work, and it shows. That tape up is nice. We really do that stuff in the industry.
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