Review Request: adidas Pro Model S

Aug 22, 2007
I have been looking into these hoop shoes for basketball....But i want to know how they perform and how light they are...

Thanks in advance NT.
very light dude. they got ill traction and a nice fit with lots of ventilation. cushioning is pretty good and has a tight lockdown fit with good ankle protection.

for the price they are sick too
Yea man...I've got two pairs, black on black c/w and the navy adicolor concept ones aswell. Great bang for your buck for a decent ball shoe. Fit a tad bitbig usually a 10.5 and went down to a 10 on these. Fit is amazing you can really get a good lockdown fit with the laces. The material on the upper ankle areagives pretty good mobility during cuts yet has decent ankle support. Super breathable. Traction pretty good but kinda slippery around semi-dusty floors. As faras weight, one of the lightest mid's I own. Plus I'm liking the team colorways up on eastbay now.
Thanks.... I always see mad people balling in those so I figured I'd give them a chance, although I've been a Nike dude for the longest.

Found a pair on Eastbay for like $25, can't beat that
these are the adidas TS pro model thats being worn in the all star game, you all are talking about, correct? or is this a different shoe?
I believe they are talking about the regular Pro Model, with the changeable stripes.
Most definitely a great shoe.

For that kind of performance, it really doesnt deserve to be a 25-50 dollar shoe.

we are talkin about these right?

Normally I wear 10.5 in shoes in general. should I size down to a 10 if they run a tad big?
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