Roc Cafe appreciation

Jun 15, 2007
Everybody went in on this joint and the beat was ill but whatever happen to Joe and the roc? was he ever signed to them?
"Newest addition to Roc-a-fella.." - Dame Dash

"Auww!...Who you gonna tell BOY!!?.."- Joe Budden

Song is crack
Always had this song and heard about it...didnt know it was the "Roc Cafe" song that had been mentioning. Its cool.
hahaha.. yeah I dont know if im supposed to announce this yet....

lol.. I always tell people about this.. Its funny cuz I think the roc just evaporated after this song was made. Joe probably has the worst luck in the game.
Memp Bleek, Young, and Mack. Ya mean.
Get back - ya mean Get clapped - ya mean

I always liked Buddens verse even though I'm not a fan.
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