Roscoe's Chicken n Waffles ~What do you get?~

Apr 10, 2003
I usually make my own meal, 3 waffles, grits, chicken or get that Natalie special and add a whole buncha things to it, what y'all do?

and which location do you go to? I usually hit the one on Pico near USC or the one in Long Beach, the OG location gets too packed
I asked one of my friends about Roscoe's once and he was like "pshhh, it's just like Albertson's chicken" . . . guess he's picky because Albertson's chicken is delicious. And then add waffles and anything else to the mix? Damn . . I've heard their specialty non-alc. drinks are serious as well.

I literally live 2 blocks from the one in LB but I've never been there, not sure why :smh:
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i usually cop the chicken omelet which comes with a waffle....
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ii go to the one in Hollywood.

ii get the #9 with a waffle, which is 3 wings and a waffle.
its hella delicious.
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1/4 Chix Dark w/ Waffles (forgot what number it was on the menu) and a Sunrise

I go to the Long beach one and the one in Hollywood
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i don't remember the name, but i usually just get 3 waffles, and 2 chix. With a lemonade.
god those waffles are awesome
gotta get the sunrise to drink.
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Is the quality just as good in the Long Beach and South LA spots as the OG, Hollywood one?

I always got to get some chicken and one waffle and then I'll either get eggs with onions and cheese, rice with gravy, greens or grits.

I like to mix it up because everything on the menu is so samn good.

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i aint been to roscoes since around this time last year after my graduation for lunch. its good stuff no doubt but for a fraction of the price i can have my girl fry up some chicken, throws some eggos in and we straaaaight :pimp:

Uh huh.
i get the 2pc. and 2 waffles meal (i think its a #2 or #7) get them pieces a breast+thigh, with a side order of fries ( :wow:
) and a sunset


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I get the country boy meal
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Never had the "Sunrise" drink (OJ/Lemonade)??? and ordered one. Waitress gave me a "Sunset" (Fruit punch/Lemonade)??? instead. It was good. I'll make sure I get the Sunrise next time.
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forget what combo it is, but i used to the Dena one a few blocks from my old spot once or twice/month for 2 breasts + 2 waffles + mac n cheese + collard greens + candied yams.

man, i miss that place. i could really go for some right now.
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2 waffles, 1/4 chix (2 thighs or breast/wing), an eclipse to sip on, and a NAP when I get in the car... LMFAO

Been to the locations in LB, on Manchester, and on Pico. I fiend for Roscoe's and Yang Chow's, every time I go up to LA.
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