School Me On Alienware.

Joined Dec 14, 2007
Anyone got an Alienware computer?

I'm thinking about getting one of the laptops. Most likely the netbook, the MX11 I think it is.

Any pros, cons?
Joined May 10, 2003
Alienware is owned by DELL.

go to its the Alienware M11x and read up on the reviews there.....

IMHO - $799 for a NETbook, is a NO GO. You could get a full powered laptop for that price. Just saying, though.
Joined Mar 25, 2007
its really silly to buy a gaming laptop in my opinion. you could get a cheap laptop for on the go word processing, web browsing, etc (non gaming), and spend about 500 dollars and make a PC that runs all the latest games better than any laptop will. i mean what are u gonna be in a coffee shop playing quake? keep the nerd activities in the privacy of your own home IMO
Joined Sep 13, 2005
Alienware is really overpriced. Even if you plan on gaming, as Iansmk said, the general consensus is that you want to run those games
in a Tower or some sort of Desktop module. They are cheaper and will run the games much more smoothly and truer to how the Developers
wished the game to play. If you want the aesthetic appeal then go for it, but these laptops have not been talked about much for a while.
The day that Alienware got sold to Dell and VoodooPC to HP...well that was the death of COOL gaming laptops. If I were you...the laptop would be a no go.
Joined Aug 2, 2006
I remember G4tv would make Alienware seem the cool thing to do. Then again, gaming entertainment also made that tiny TV with the fold out speakers on the sides seem cool.
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