Scratch my patent leather on my XIX! (BLACK MAMBAS)

Joined Aug 26, 2007
is there any way to fix this it about half Inch long and not really deep

i would post pictures but photobucket is down
Joined Apr 20, 2008
damn i saw something on t.v that takes it off a car maybe you could use that damn i can't wait to wear them this summer
Joined Apr 7, 2008
lmao at that fix it, exactly what I thought of

but your title made me think you were scratching custom designs, that might have been interesting

SMH at this topic
Joined May 21, 2007
Use Hand Sanitizer and a cotton ball, Why? hand sanitizer has a low amount of acetone which will help you remove the "Scratch" most likely its ascuff, unless you scarred the material then you are screwed.
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