Shooting sleeves for Basketball. Function or Style?

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I recently purchased a Nike pro shooting sleeve because I was curious if they worked or not. Many NBA players wear them, so you would think they serve some purpose. I found that while wearing one, my muscles stayed warm which allowed me to take many jumpshots without fatigue. Personally I think they do work but I have heard many people say they are meant for only looks. What do you people think about this toopic?
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If players use them on their shooting arm, I would agree that it works. Keeps the muscles warm, that'll give you a slight advantage. In sports, any advantage big or small should be taken.

The only time I think it's used for style is when players when them on their non shooting hand.
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Didn't AI start using one way back when because he had some tendon/lig issues in his elbow area?
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i actually really like the mcdavid one with the pad on it. the nike one is too long it covers most of your arm and is too tight, the mcdavid one is smaller and fits better
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I bring mine with me when I go to 24 Hour. It gets some stares at first, then I start getting wet.
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You better be really good if you decide to wear one. If not, you look like a tool.
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It actually make your arm a little tighter and give you a secure feeling when releasing the ball. To each of his own but i def think they work pretty well.
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it's actually a very good visual, when i first used it it really helped me with my form cause you basically see what your arm is doing
iono if it sounds stupid but thats what it did for me, but after that i didn't really pay attention anymore
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It's ment to keep your shooting arm warm. But thats weird because your arms always stay warm in basketball, pumping your arms while running, shooting, dribbling, playing defense, grabbing rebounds. Its all for style.
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Originally Posted by KenJi714

It actually make your arm a little tighter and give you a secure feeling when releasing the ball. To each of his own but i def think they work pretty well.
this ^
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no performance value whatsoever.

product only sees interest from posers who want to imitate nba players.


during the whole tights fiasco in the nba people were constantly posting and asking about whether or not tights help with on court performance. posers who didnt want to seem like posers posted and raved about the performance benefits.

however currently tights are not worn in the nba.

and by no coincidence there hasnt been a post about tights in 2 years.
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Weren't the tights banned and require a special request to be worn?

Edit:  I retract that question and change my earlier post into a statement.  That is what indeed happened.  Furthermore:

Said Mavericks team physician T.O Souryal: "The tights provide compression. Compressed muscles fire efficiently, especially if injured. Players with muscle strains benefit from the improved circulation and support."
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