Sizing: Air jordan XIX

Aug 5, 2007
Just wondering but what's the sizing of these? i'm looking to get a pair to switch up with my zoom BBs and ZKIIs. i wear a 10 in both of those.
Dunno if it was just me, but I went half-a-size down on my 19's, but they were East SE's though.

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i have the oly XIX SE and they run true to size IMO, theyre wide too
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I ball in mine and they fit true to size
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True to size and true to the game. XIXs are awesome and overlooked by most. Get some and you'll be hooked. On the court is amazing.
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get fit.
^truth just bought one 2 weeks ago, and i have another 2 pairs coming my way lol.
they fit true to size. but a tad bit wide.
now if only i could find the white/varsity red...
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Surprising, because the SE's fit way too big on me, easily a half size too large, if not a full size.
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