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My feet decided to grow on me, really, really late, junior in college. I was an 11, and one foot seemed to grow to a 12 and the other only made it to an 11.5,barely though. I've got messed up feet, however, this caused me to have to sell all of my Jordans since they did not fit. Now that I have to startacquiring totally new Jordans in a size 12, I don't remember which ones fit wierd or how they fit.

So what I need from sizing and fit experts is a recommended size list for each Jordan, which ones I should buy in a bigger size because they run small or fittight. I also like a little bit of room and get "foot claustrophobia" if my toes are right up against the front of the shoe, I hate my foot being upagainst the front. Thanks alot and if it requires alot of time or whatever I can paypal $5 just for taking the time for all of this. Thanks
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