SMH at cats rocking these fugazi Nike boots.....

Oct 6, 2007
I'm sure plenty of yall have seen this around the "DMV" urea.

I dont understand why people dropping 100$ on fake nike boots when you can get a legit pair around 125$.

I hope this doesn't bring the demise of the nike boot
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As I've said before, some people just don't know. They think they're getting a good deal or a hookup. Not everyone is knowledgeable about what they buy and places they buy from.
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I could've sworn I saw a dude Saturday with a pair of suede Goadomes and thinking... "Damn them joints look fuzzy..."
Yeah... a few Barbershops in Woodbridge sell Black Foadomes....and funny thing is... they are JUST as comfy as the real joints and use REAL AIR.

Crazy....but they sell for $75 so fellas REALLY thinkin they gettin deals from the back of the truck
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they look like tall [yeah tall] air forces w/ a smooth they crease faster than anything i ever seen!
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I remember some dude brought in some fake nike boots when i worked at finishline

he was BLOWN when we said they were fake...said he got them from rivertowne...i was like im not surprised :rofl:
The Real.
That's just wrong.


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