sneaker restoration questions-- midsole related

May 10, 2007
is it possible to take the old dry midsole of a pair of air jordans or bo jacksons out, but leaving the actual sole- and replace it with a new one from a retro pair? so for instance, rip out the midsole from a pair of og jordan v's, and keep the soles and find a retro pair that is worn but the midsole is in good shape and get it out without ruining it, both shoes the same size and put that retro midsole in the og pair?

OR, can you somehow make a mold of the original midsole and make a duplicate out of the same polurethane foam, or whatever it is exactly?
Thats probably going to be extremely difficult to do on any shoe. Considering the glue on most shoes you are referring to are already set and cured, the leather body of the shoe would be set as well.

Although I remember catching a thread of a customizer who takes shoes apart to do his work on them, it seemed like work. Re-stiching the shoe, gluing the sole, all back to factory standards?? I wont say it cant be done because I'm unsure of that, but if at all possible, you'd have to know what you were doing.

Find 2 beaters you have and try a transplant like you describe. Its a cheap way to get a possible answer?
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