SneakerHeadQuarters - Brooklyn NY Updated New Kicks Arrived

Dec 18, 2003
1724 Jerome Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235

718. 769 0346

Consignment is only at 10%

We recieve new kicks and clothes everyday!!!

Come check us out...





Too bad your store is s far from the city..............the only part of bk i go to on the regular is fulton street becuase it's onlt 2 stops on the trail for me from manhattan................i got alot of early release stuff to sell like black cats 3's olympic china 1' ck dunks and 20 pairs if bk spizkez coming to me very soon in different sizes and that 90% back sounds really good if you where in manhattan it would be worth it to stop by and do business with you but i am not looking to travel with 20 30 40 pairs of shoes way out to brooklyn if you want to work something out e-mail me and good luck with your shop
The B and Q train are two (2) blocks away. The stop is called Sheepshead Bay Road.

We are open from 11 to 8.
The Tokyo Taxis are $130.

That is anywhere from $30-70 lower than FCNY. FCNYs lowest price on them $160 and their highest price is $200.

All of our sneakers are priced belowe FCNY prices and any other store in NYC.
Sounds very interesting.... wondering if u have three bear hi sb's in a 11-12? If so pm me
Needed in sz. 11.5-12: Union 180's, Blk/Blu 180, Grape V, Blk/Red xii's, St. Patty, Blk/Blk Gum Euro, Chamber of fear complacency, hype, hater, Holland AF1's, De La Hi sb's, Black Spiz'ikes, Penny Foams.F/S Mars IV SZ. 10.5 & 12......BKBXGANGSTA@AOL.COM[/b]

The White/Red 12's are size 7.5 and size 10

Price is $220 for the 7.5 and the size 10 are $250.

how much are dino jrs and invisibles and do u have them in bigger sizes 11.5 and up?
... WHAT... I'M A SNEAKER HEAD!!! ...​
What size are those DMP 11's and how much?

also, do you guys take VNDS kicks? I'm talking about tried em on and took a walk down the block VNDS.
yo i might have to check that out...yall have any sz 11.5-12?
Nice...a shop 2 mins from my house. I'll check it out for sure.
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