Sneakers Boutique

There are NO sneaker boutiques in H-town, actually there is one, but I'm not even going to waste my time mentioning it, go north to and 1180, or head west to Peace
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
Premium Goods but Jen's been catching a lot of heat lately.....It's in Rice Village off Times and Morningside....
Looking for anything in Sz. 12!

i wouldn't go to sf2 unless you want marked up greedy geniuses.... other than that... they don't have really anything in stock
I went to the Galleria and they had this sneaker spot named sheik.....Any guys familiar with it?
i go there alot, but mostly for my wife becuase they have lots of stuff for women/kid sizes... most of the men's stuff in there can be found at most other stores... like every shoestore in sharpstown...

sheiks has sold fake bape hoodies in the past, and their ordering system sucks
sf2 has sold fake ape too...
premium goods is just not very consumer-friendly.. jen will not acknowledge your existence..if you go there to shop, pray that one of her other employees are there instead
if you are in houston go to kicks in the galleria. It is sick.
If you are in dallas def. go to addikt

I'm looking for these kicks:
Stash 95's and AF1
footpatrol 90's (brown)
AF1 boxer premiums (brown and white)
huf air max 1s
true air max 97s
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