So I Just Got Rejected

Joined Oct 16, 2007
StaXX wrote:[hr][/hr]At least you tried.
That's more than a lot of dudes can say.

Thanks for that man, but it isn't like that,  I've known her for a few months

Anyways heres some cliff notes

Im a senior in HS btw...

Never noticed her before, all of a sudden she shows some interest in me.

Lots of flirting going over a few months, she never told me about a boyfriend, but I found out (not through her)

Ask her out, get told that she just broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years and she still isn't over him ----
to myself I know

Her friend clowns on me, thats why I'm mad

Obviously it would be on to the next, but she gave me all the wrong signals and now I'm pretty heated.

Over a few days I'm gonna be over it, but right now im feelin it...

I know I'm going to college and theres gonna be a lot of girls, but that ain't it ya know?
Joined Oct 16, 2007
man I love NT
always half serious responses and half jokesters, or all serious posts, or all "jokester" posts

thats why I love it here
Joined Nov 20, 2009
on the real though man, it's nothing to be ashamed of or feel down about. it happens everyday and it doesn't only happen to males. but you just keep your head high and stay on the prowl, Tiger!
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