So I Thought I Was Over The Cubs... Vol '03

Joined Sep 4, 2007
So Im going through my HBO channels to see whats on, i see the info for channel 551 and it was the documentary, "Wait Til Next Year." Ive alwaystried soo hard to avoid that documentary because it brings back too many bad memories, but for some reason I decide to watch it. BAD *%+!%!% CHOICE! I thoughti was finally over what happened in 2003
, Im not. At one point when they were going through the wholemarlins series my eyes just started to well up and i got a lil teary eyed. We lost game 1, turned around and won 3 in a row and turned right back and lost 3 ina row.
After watching that*!%$** up documentary i've come to the conclusion that I will never get over that @#%*!
Joined Dec 14, 2001

There are three things you can count on in Life:
3.The cubs losing every year
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