So last night rite....

Aug 4, 2005
Im partyin in alumni hall @ UMD, superman @#%$, and wiping myself down as usual on friday night....and I look over, and see this dude with a bottle wilding out more than me. Doin the old Dame Dash I look closer, and it's none other than....our boy Gilbert. This bama was seriously actin like he was in college again doin line dances and @#%$ dude 4 real. Just never expected to see him @ a college party holdin a plastic cup tryin to spit @ the same broads im tryin 2 get @ :lol:

Just thought i'd share...discuss
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Yo the story i heard was the girl whose Bday party it was use to be a wizards dancer and Arenas showed up wit all the Liq.... I was like dats an OD story smh... But after seein this its two different sources so starting to think it might be true! :\
and my dude said he was scared Arenas was gonna get Owned for supply the Liq to minors? IONO
word....she damn sure had the body for it...i was in the joint like :pimp:
Super Bowl Champions: XVII:XXII:XXVI
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