So The Texas Rangers Manager Has Been Blowing Lines Vol. My Man!

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Thought this was pretty cool.  Wonder if he and Josh Hamilton got the same dealer.
By Jon Heyman,
Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine during the 2009 season, has learned.

Washington, 57, has been subject to increased drug testing since his failed test, which was administered by Major League Baseball last July, and he has passed all of his subsequent tests. In deciding to support Washington and retain him as manager, the Rangers accepted his apology as heartfelt and also his explanation that this was a one-time transgression.

"I did make a mistake and I regret that I did it," Washington told by phone from Surprise, Ariz., on Tuesday night. "I am really embarrassed and I am really sorry."

The Rangers called a team meeting for Wednesday morning at their spring training facility in Surprise, where Washington was to address the incident with the club.

Washington declined to discuss the specific circumstances surrounding his decision to use cocaine because he didn't want his family to hear about it in the media. "Any attempt to try to explain it is going to sound like excuses," he said. "There is no right way to explain something wrong, and I did wrong. Was it tension? Maybe. Anxiety?''

Cocaine generally clears the system in 3-5 days after limited use. (Heavy users could take 10-14 days.) After one-time use, a person usually tests positive for cocaine (or technically a metabolite of cocaine called benzoylecgonine) for only 2-3 days.

Emboldened part is good advice for all you rookies out there.

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my old boss use to live by ron washington when he was coaching the a's and always said he acted "weird"
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Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

Dude weighs like 130 pounds also....

I was going to say that in my initial post.  He looks like an extra from The Wire or The Corner.  Probably going up to Hamilton in the locker room, "I GOT THESE CHEESEBURGERS!"
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you ain't sorry Ronny.

It's too bad Coke is no longer on the Yankees. Fun times in the bleachers taunting Hamilton.
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at the responses

at being his one time he did it.  Yup..damn the luck the one time you ever did it was the week they were testing. These dudes
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Originally Posted by J23Diego

at the responses, guy said he didn't regret making the mistake
You sniffin' too?
Originally Posted by Scott Frost

"I did make a mistake and I regret that I did it,"Washington told by phone from Surprise, Ariz., on Tuesday night."I am really embarrassed and I am really sorry."
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I had a 1987 Indians pennant with this mofo and Julio Franco on it...leavin jheri curl stains like they were the heirs to Soul Glo.
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