So when next year comes around....

Jul 10, 2007
are you gonna say 2010 or Twenty Ten?

I'm gonna go with 2010

I'm not knocking 09 at all it's been a good year but I'm expecting a GREAT 2010....
lol...fam i think you'll eventually get tired of saying just gonna roll with twenty ten....

on a sidenote...madden twenty tens comin soom, never thought i'd actually get to say madden twenty ten....
Originally Posted by parada45

two thousand and ten
this is actually incorrect.

It's just two thousand ten. You only speak an "and" when there's a decimal point.

For example... 2,346.24 would be read - two thousand three hundred forty six AND twenty four. But you'll hear many people say two thousand and threehundred and forty and six... or, ya know, variations on that.
I seriously don't know. I was sayin' it in my head, and they both don't sound bad. I'll alternate or somethin'.
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