Nov 6, 2000
Quoting K-Town from General:

i'm down to CO-HOST a socal summit, CALI, SD or LA summit.

i've been to all of them except for the 1st which was sort of a mistake.
I think what it is, dudes think they're too cool..... a lotta guys don't mention their real names, etc.....

I mean, I'm not so into the sneakers anymore, so I don't know, but I'm still down to meet up with my favorite message forum community.

someone help me set it up.
I already suggested a LA dodgers game, but the response was just uh ok.

if I can find time thru my schedule managing 2 businesses, crazy tour schedules and my seed, then I know y'all can make it happen too.

but I do wish the regional forums weren't created.
it was a lot easier and more fun to see the summit threads all sticc'ied on top.

holla at me if y'all down.
I told y'all I'm down to do giveaways, whatever.
ed about locations and such a Summit sticky will be made in General, letting everyone know what's up.
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